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Healthcare (Biometric) Screenings/Cholesterol Screenings

The Kroger family of pharmacies is pleased to provide healthcare (biometric) and cholesterol screenings. “Knowing your numbers” is the first step to getting and staying healthy. When your numbers are good, you can enjoy better health and a better quality of life.


What do these screenings measure?


Healthcare (Biometric) Screenings - (See #1-5 below)

Cholesterol Screenings – (See #1 below)


1. Total Cholesterol including:


·HDL (Good Cholesterol)

·LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

2. Blood Sugar (glucose)

3. Blood Pressure

4. Body Mass Index -Weight/height (a scale will be used) to calculate body mass index

5. Waist circumference*




This is a fasting test.  No food or drink for at least 12-hours prior to screening. Water and medications are okay. Please bring your medical and pharmacy insurance card with you to the appointment.

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